1969 Plymouth Barracuda
ID# 111441


TOTAL PROFESSIONAL MECHANICAL RESTORATION on original 340 motor rebuilt to six-pack specs and makes lots of power. Currently has an Edelbrock intake and carb for higher RPM power. The upgrade electronic distributor is hand built balanced, blue printed and custom curved to the engine.

A833 Formula S 4 speed trans fully rebuilt matching numbers to include New clutch, bell housing,
Shifting fork, shifter and linkages etc. All in brand new condition.

Original factory 8 ¾ rear end with original 489 case 323 Sure Grip Differential.
Fully rebuilt original Formula S high performance heavy duty sway-bar suspension with new ball joints, bushings, shocks, motor mounts etc.

Brand New Formula S high ratio 16:1 ratio manual steering gear box. Headman ceramic headers with aluminized dual exhaust with cross over and Flowmaster mufflers with factory chrome dual exhaust tips. New gas tank and filler tube and fuel lines. New brakes with some brake lines replaced.


This car is rust free except for the most minuscule surface rust under the spare tire that would pretty much wipe off with a rag. There are a few pinhead size bubbles in the paint by the back tail lights and a couple small pits at the apron fender connection and that is all I could find. All floors, the trunk, frame suspension etc are rust free. The car had a repaint about 20 years ago. Still looks great for a driver but of course isn't show grade. The car has had some dents in its past and some filler was used at the time of the repaint and it is not show grade blocked. To be show grade it will need to be re-blocked from the upper detail line on down and re-shot. Still looks great from 5 feet away and is an excellent looking driver as is. Just a couple tiny paint chips at the edge of one tail light bezel. The trunk finish panel though in very nice shape needs to be sent out for repaint to look new as it has a number of spots where the paint is coming off.

INTERIOR: New carpets, headliner, package tray. Seats have been reupholstered. The dash is in overall good shape but again not show grade. A few paint chips in the dash shell paint and a couple marks on the dash cover. The pad is excellent. All the gauges work well. The needle moves freely but it really should be sent out for re-calibration before being re-installed. There is a dash blank in place on the tach opening so it will still look great until the tach is re-installed. The seat back inserts were restored but the wrong kind of adhesive was used and its all loose and needs to be redone properly. Very minor work.
Mopar A body Rally wheels and center caps all the way around with beauty rings and on the spare with BFG radials. Original jack is in the trunk with new trunk cover. The taillight lenses are brand new. The front turn signals are intact but original and should be replaced for show issues. The radiator shroud is cracked though perfectly functional but really should be replaced.
has gone into this ultra rare unique REAL 340 Formula S 4 Speed car. Though its not concourse show grade it is as good as a driver gets. It has tons of power and is totally fun to drive. It only has a few hundred miles on the mechanical restoration and everything works well. Ideally it should be driven another 7 or 800 miles and check the suspension and shifter linkages for any break-in adjustments and that's it.
The Notchback 340 formula S 4 speed is 1 of the RAREST of all the Formula S Barracudas.

Asking Price: A$61,049
Secure Handover: A$444
Transport to terminal: A$518
Preparation/Quarantine: A$375
Packing/Customs/Shipping: A$2,485
Unpacking: A$350
Broker: A$450
GST: A$6,353
Sub Total: A$72,024
Local Port Costs
Brisbane Fees: A$515
Fremantle Fees: A$1,080
Sydney Fees: A$515
Melbourne Fees: A$515
Price range: A$72,539 - A$73,104
Additional Services
Inspection: A$592
Marine Insurance: A$646

If the Sub Total for this vehicle exceeds A$65,000 Luxury Car Tax will be applied by Australian Customs.

All West Coast vehicles that do not have wood as part of their manufacture (eg pickup truck with wooden bed or old vehicle with wood interior) and qualify for our pre-cleaning certification are guaranteed to pass Australia Quarantine upon entry. If they do not pass there will be NO additional cleaning costs charged to you.

The above price includes NATA Approved Asbestos Testing on all West Coast vehicles. If they test positive for asbestos only in the brakes, there will be an A$400 fee for the removal, installation of new brake pads and reinspection. The A$400 fee does not include the cost for the new brake pads. If asbestos is found elsewhere we will consult with you what options you have to move forward.

We are working on a similar solution for the East Coast vehicles.



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