1966 Chevrolet C-10 Pickup Truck *CR*
ID# 111512
The top of the line bow-tie truck from 1966.

The first owners of the truck ordered the highest end custom trim package with the extra spring in the rear for hauling a camper. This is a custom trim-line with all the chrome, the driver-side armrest, the cigarette lighter (yes, it works fine for cellphone charging). It is a Fleetside and long-bed, and a 4'x 8' sheet of plywood fits comfortably in the bed. This truck is all-original with the exceptions noted. It is a proper 3-speed manual transmission, column shifted (3-on-the-tree).

The second owner of the truck installed the current tailgate, installed the fog-lights (not functioning at the moment), did a re-spray in gold from the original red, installed the gun-rack (aka cup-holder :-), new rims, and tool-box. This was done in the late 1970s - early 1980s.

The third owners purchased the truck in 2004. They did significant work on the truck to improve the safety and reliability and provided us with full records:

* July 2005 - Front disk brake conversion, installation of electronic trailer brake, turning and maintenance of rear drum brakes. They told us they've towed boats and a 2-horse bumper-pull trailer with no problems (we have not tried but have no reason to doubt their claim). Hitch has been welded to the frame.
* November 2005 - Front suspension improvements including new tie rod assembly and upper control arms.
* July 2006 - New GM Crate 350 motor installed, new gear box, carburetor rebuilt, new distributor (still uses points), new fuel tank and sending unit (behind seat), radiator rebuilt. Odometer at the time of the engine replacement was 80,304.
* September 2006 - New wiper motor and windscreen wipers.
* October 2013 - New windscreen and front window gaskets.
* September 2014 - Heater core replaced.
* July 2015 - All four tires replaced.

The truck has been regularly maintained by professional mechanic specializing. All gauges, lights, and signals work. The truck drives nice and smooth. Current maintenance needs include adjusting the distributor points and relaxing a tight manual-choke cable. The original radio works but the speaker needs replacement. The original glove box could be replaced but it still works (it's cardboard after all). There is some minor body panel damage and the original wood-bed has some holes and water damage (it's over 50 years old). The paint is chipping in places but isn't down to bare metal in only one place. As a California car, there is almost no rust on any of the original body panels. This truck was delivered with extra-fuel tanks. The saddle-tanks have been disconnected but the original hardware is still installed including the manual switch in the cab and the fuel-sending-unit electronics.

Mileage is 104864 but odometer reading is 4,864 (5-dial odometer). Approximately 25,000 miles since engine replacement.

Battery was replaced in the last few months.

Asking Price: A$12,702
Secure Handover: A$438
Transport to terminal: A$1,387
Preparation/Quarantine: A$425
Packing/Customs/Shipping: A$2,985
Unpacking: A$499
Broker: A$450
GST: A$1,569
Sub Total: A$20,455
Local Port Costs
Brisbane Fees: A$645
Fremantle Fees: A$1,877
Sydney Fees: A$645
Melbourne Fees: A$645
Price range: A$21,100 - A$22,332
Additional Services
Inspection: A$584
Marine Insurance: A$174

If the Sub Total for this vehicle exceeds A$65,000 Luxury Car Tax will be applied by Australian Customs.

All West Coast vehicles that do not have wood as part of their manufacture (eg pickup truck with wooden bed or old vehicle with wood interior) and qualify for our pre-cleaning certification are guaranteed to pass Australia Quarantine upon entry. If they do not pass there will be NO additional cleaning costs charged to you.

The above price includes NATA Approved Asbestos Testing on all West Coast vehicles. If they test positive for asbestos only in the brakes, there will be an A$400 fee for the removal, installation of new brake pads and reinspection. The A$400 fee does not include the cost for the new brake pads. If asbestos is found elsewhere we will consult with you what options you have to move forward.

We are working on a similar solution for the East Coast vehicles.



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