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How to send your freight from America to Australia

This is our "how to" on how to get your freight from the USA to AUS. Please read carefully as it outlines the process to ensure safe and secure shipment of your freight from the USA to AUS.

We can ship your freight from our depot in the USA to Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne or Sydney.

Our basic price structure is as follows:

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Bonnet, Car/Pickup Truck - $300
Car/Truck Seat (Bucket) - $200
Diesel Engine from $600
Differential (drum to drum) - $250
Engine (petrol), up to V8 Car/Pickup Truck - $450
Extra Large Box/Body Panel - $350
Gearbox, Car/Pickup Truck - $250
Gearbox, Large - $350
Large Box - $200
Medium Box - $150
Motorcycle frame - $300
New Parts shipped FREE with vehicle $0.01
Oversized Box starting from $350
Pallet up to 48" x 40" x 40" - $380
Riding Lawn Tractor 42" - $600
Small box, minimum charge - $100
Used Parts incl w/vehicle being shipped $0.01
Wheel or Tyre (1) (Min chge $160/set 4) - $40
Wheel or Tyre (1) 4WD (Min chge $200/set 4) - $65
Wheel or Tyre (2) (Min chge $160/set 4) - $40
Wheel or Tyre (2) 4WD (Min chge $200/set 4) - $65
Wheel or Tyre (3) (Min chge $160/set 4) - $40
Wheel or Tyre (3) 4WD (Min chge $200/set 4) - $65
Wheel or Tyre (4) (Min chge $160/set 4) - $40
Wheel or Tyre (4) 4WD (Min chge $200/set 4) - $65
Wheel or Tyre (5+) (Min chge $160/set 4) - $40
Wheel or Tyre (5+) 4WD (Min chge $200/set 4) - $65
Windscreen - $300

* Shipping prices are quoted from our depot to the port. Some goods may be subject to minimal quarantine fees, GST and duties when they land. If your goods are manufactured outside the USA, there will be duty (5% - 12% depending on the item) on the item. Goods manufactured within the United States will only have GST applied to both the cost of the goods and the cost of shipping (including internal US shipping). PLEASE NOTE that you WILL be charged GST on all freight regardless of the value. The A$1,000 threshold does not apply in this situation.

A cradle to protect your engine or gearbox can be made for a further fee.

For a full pallet: must be standard size (48" x 40" x 40"), ISPM treated lumber, shrink-wrapped.

We charge $40 per wheel OR per tyre we ship. If the tyre is mounted to a wheel, please contact us for an estimate. If the wheel and/or tyre is larger than a standard car (26" x 10") then the charge with be $65 per unit. If it is an oversized 4WD tyre (larger than 35" x 12") it will be charged based on the size. Contact us for an estimate.

Please request that your supplier provide you with insurance and package tracking. USAtoAUS is not responsible for packages that do not arrive at our depot, lost, stolen, broken or mislabeled. Our warehouse does not have the time to check on individual packages that arrive at our depot. If you want to know if your package arrived, check your tracking information.

When your freight is due to arrive in Australia, we will send you an invoice which you can pay via direct deposit into our ANZ account. If you choose to pay with Paypal there will be a 5% surcharge.

How to Register and Use the Freight Management System

If you are a new customer, please register your details. All of your personal information is held in confidence and will only be used by to facilitate the shipment of your freight.

After you register your details, you will receive a confirmation email that not only confirms your account registration but also details all the information required to send your freight with Please keep this email for your records.

After you have received your confirmation email, you are ready to log in and use the Freight Management System.

If you are a returning customer, after you have logged in, you will see an overview of items you have purchased in the past. To place a new order, click the “Place New Freight Order” button. After you log in then you will see the Freight Order Form. Fill out the Form and upload the purchase invoice files. Click the “Save” button and your order is now in our database. You can log into the Freight Management System at any point to check on the status of your shipment. A status of “WEST” means that your freight has arrived in our WEST COAST warehouse. “EAST” means that your freight has arrived in our EAST COAST warehouse.


Q: Have my goods arrived at your warehouse?
A: Check the tracking information provided by your supplier and log into your account to see the updated status.

Q: My goods have arrived, why is my status still pending?
A: Don't forget the time difference in the US as well as the work load of our warehouse. If your tracking states that your goods have arrived, your status should update within 4-5 business days.

Q: When are you packing my goods?
A: We pack a container as soon as we have three vehicles per port in our depot. We provide the best shipping rate for freight however we cannot predict future car bookings and we do not run the US government, the Australian government and the shipping company does not let us drive the boat.

Q. How long will it take my goods to arrive?
Transit time out of the West Coast is 4-8 weeks and out of the East Coast 10-12 weeks. If you require a part quickly, you should choose air mail. Containers typically take 7 to 10 days to clear Customs/Quarantine and we will email you when your goods are released.

Q: When will my goods arrive?
A: Check the status of your order and if your status is shipped, then check the date for the ETA of your goods. Dates are in US format (MM/DD/YYYY)

Q. When will I be invoiced and how will I know where to pickup my goods?
A: After Customs process the paperwork, you will be invoiced for the shipping, GST and Duty if applicable. If the item is used, it could also incur additional Quarantine fees. Once the Australian government has cleared the container, you will be sent an email with all the required pick up information.


We offer extremely affordable container shipping for general freight. We have a very efficient online freight system. You can check when goods arrive at our depot and when they are packed in a container and what the ETA is. You can log in to your account 24/7 to get a status update. We are willing to assist you further via email or phone however excessive support is not included in the shipping price. If our staff has to answer 20 emails about when your freight is arriving, departing etc. and we feel they could have been answered by reading the information supplied on this website and in the "How To" email you received when registering we need to charge you for the time at the rate of A$5 per call/email. You will receive this invoice when the goods arrive in port.

WARNING: Prohibited & Restricted Goods

Clients are responsible for knowing what can and cannot be shipped. If you are unsure about your item please do some research on the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) website. Feel free to email us at if you are still not sure.

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