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How to send your parts and products from America to Australia.

This is our "how to" on how to get your products from the USA to AUS. Please read it carefully as it outlines the process to ensure safe and secure shipment of your products from the USA to AUS.

We can ship from our depot in California or Virginia to the port of Brisbane Queensland, Fremantle Western Australia, Melbourne Victoria or Sydney New South Wales.

Our basic price structure is as follows*:

Cars - starting at $3,975

Bonnet, Car/Pickup Truck - $300

Car/Truck Seat (Bucket) - $200

Diesel Engine from $600

Differential (drum to drum) - $250

Engine (petrol), up to V8 Car/Pickup Truck - $450

Extra Large Box/Body Panel - $350

Gearbox, Car/Pickup Truck - $250

Gearbox, Large - $350

Large Box - $200

Medium Box - $150

Motorcycle frame - $300

New Parts shipped FREE with vehicle $0.01

Oversized Box starting from $350

Pallet up to 48" x 40" x 40" - $380

Riding Lawn Tractor 42" - $600

Small box, minimum charge - $100

Used Parts incl w/vehicle being shipped $0.01

Wheel or Tyre (1) (Min chge $160/set 4) - $40

Wheel or Tyre (1) 4WD (Min chge $200/set 4) - $65

Windscreen - $300

*Shipping prices are quoted from our depot to the port. Your Australian client will be responsible for Australian government taxes and will be invoiced accordingly upon arrival in Australia. Australian Customs will calculate the GST (Goods and Services Tax) which is 10% of the cost of the purchase price + the cost of the overland and container shipping. If your parts are manufactured outside the USA, there will also be 5%-10% duty payable. Tires and used goods may be subject to a quarantine inspection and may incur some fees if cleaning is required.

A cradle to protect engines or transmissions can be made for an additional fee.

Please request insurance and package tracking when shipping to our California or Virginia depots. USAtoAUS is not responsible for packages that do not arrive or are lost, stolen, broken, or mislabeled.

After a container is booked, there is between 6-8 weeks travel time before it arrive in Australia. We have regular containers to Australia so your wait shouldn't be too long. We provide the best shipping rates for parts, however, we do not run the US government, the Australian government, and the steamship line does not let us drive the boat. International shipping is a complicated process that has many different entities involved.

How to register and use the Freight Management System

If you are a new to using our shipping service, click here to register. If you are a repeat client click here to Log in. All of your company information is held in confidence and will only be used by to facilitate the shipment of your clients freight.

After the initial registration process you will be able to log in and see an overview of your account. From here you will be able to place new orders, upload invoices and track your shipping!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: When shipping to our California or Virginia depots, all freight MUST be labeled with your client's name and port in care of

Please make sure you register with your company's information. Once you're in the freight system, please include your Australian customer's contact information (phone, e-mail) in the "description" field so we can contact them when their products have arrived in AUS.

Shipping several packages to the same port? You may qualify for a discount.

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Just some of the items Australians are shipping from the US daily!


Crate Motors

Suspension Parts

Bumpers Grills

Cars, Bikes, Trailers, Campers, Boats, Mowers, ATVs, Off-Road Vehicles, Jet-Skis, Motors, Auto Parts, Furniture, Swimming Pools, Yard Equipment, Sports Wear, Bicycles, Office Supplies, Electronics, Rugs, Antiques, Fireplaces, Grills, Exercise Equipment, Non-Perishable Items, Kitchen Appliances - Commercial and Personal and whatever else you can think of.

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